Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Holiday Travel

Hi All...I m back!!! You guys wondering where I've been hiding these days, right?..Yeah, I was running away from Sg for 2 weeks and exploring the new place that I've never been before... It was a really nice place and I don't feel like coming back to Sg . I wish I could stay longer.

Though it was a little tiring as we need to rush one state to another within limited time frame, it was a very enjoyable and interesting trip for me. I 've been exposed to different culture, environment, people and etc. Natural scenery made me relax. When I look up, I saw a wide beautiful clear sky which I seldom have a chance to see here. I just love it. With that blue sky and additional cool breeze made me feel really relax. Not so many high-rise buildings and I wonder that may be it makes the sky much clearer.

Ok, that's enough of writing and I shall share with you some pictures . Hope you will like it.

Yes, I was in the "land of Kangaroo" @ Brisbane, Queensland.

And here is the lazy Koalar too.

@Surfers paradise, Queensland. Look at the sky. I've just simply love it.

A view from ferry @ Sydney, New South Wales

A view from ferry. Opera house and Sydney harbour bridge.

"The twelve apostles" @ Melbourne, Victoria

On the way to "The twelve apostles"
@ Bell Beach.