Monday, April 5, 2010

Blueberry /Apple Cinnamon/ Raison Chocoate Muffins

At first I didnt feel like going to training as it was just on the next day after good friday. Moreover, my partner was on short trip and she told me that she is not coming for muffin lesson. As I knew that I am going to be alone for whole 4 hours, I felt so bored and I really didnt feel like going to BITC. However, my hubby could manage to pursuade me to attend the lesson :-). And I was not alone on that day as I managed to partner with another classmate whose partner was on vacation as well. Most of the pepole in the class were on short trip due to long weekend.

During last week lesson, we had to made 3 different types of muffins, 1) Blueberry Muffins 2) Apple Cinnamon Muffins and 3) Chocolate Raisin Muffins. Total yield ~ 56 Muffins and I brought back home 28 muffins. :D My favorite is blueberry. Apple cinnamon flavour is not so bad, but I dont really fancy raisin muffins. Anyway, we could finish it within a few days. My two sis were not so picky eater. They just grabbed whatever cake/muffin which they saw. Good appetite yah, :D
Ingreditents (yield- 80grams x 56 Muffins)
  • Plain flour - 957g
  • Sugar -841g
  • Baking powder - 36g
  • Salt-8g
  • Eggs- 435g
  • Water - 348g
  • Skim milk powder - 45g
  • Cake margarine - 406g

Fillings : 1) Blueberry 200g, 2) Canned Apple ~200g+2g of cinnamon powder and 3) Dry raisin (pre soak in the water/ Rum for 10mins) ~225g + choco chip~50g

The method is very simple. We used all-in method, which is placing all ingreditents in a mixing bowl in following procedure, all liquids->Sugar->Dry ingreditents->fat . Then just mix till the batter is well incorporated. First, mixe at low speed for 1 min, then high speed (speed 4) for about 5 mins and finally low speed again for 1 min. The total weight of batter was 3 kg and we separated 1 kg each in a bowl.

Then different fruits/ fillings were added to each bowl (except for blueberry. It must be piped in after the batter is filled 1/2 of the cup). Then pipe the batter-fruit mix into the muffin tin (line with paper cups) and bake in 220 degree C preheated oven for 25mins. Remove from oven, leave it to cool on the wire rack and ready to serve.


gloria said...

muffins look yummy.. btw, want to know whether you are using blueberry jam or blueberry fruits? Thanks.

Evy said...

Oh sorry, forgot to mentioned about that. :-) I usued blueberry jam. I filled 1/2 of the cup with white batter first. Then in the middle, I piped the blueberry jam in.