Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yummy Blackforest

My baking principle II has started last on Saturday and we are going to make a little more challenging cakes.The first item on advance cake module was blackforest cake.

It was rather a creamy cake,however I find the taste is great. As I dont fancy cream that much, I dont make creamy cake often and in fact this cake is just my 2nd layer (creamy) cake .. I still remember those days in Burma that whenever I eat the cake with cream, there is a very greasy or oily taste in my mouth and I just don't like this feeling. Nowadays, with the replacement of whipping cream, there is no such greasy feeling. However, I still don't like to consume too many cream.

The making of blackforest cake was really fun and lots of excitement. In fact, I am happy to bake all kinds of cakes and I really enjoy making them. There's a saying "Do what you love, so you can love what you do". At least I am doing what I love to do for at least 4 hours per week..Not bah huh!.LOL.

Ok here's the recipe

Sponge cake (all in method)

  • plain flour- 75g
  • cocoa powder - 15g
  • baking powder - 1g
  • milk- 50g
  • sugar - 82g
  • Eggs- 165g
  • Emulsifier - 7g
  • melted butter - 22g

Simple method. Mix all the ingredients (except melted butter) for 1min using low speed. Then scrape down and continue mixing with medium speed for 5 mins. Scrape down again. Then mix on low speed for another 2 mins. Finally fold in the melted butter. Transfer batter into 18cm round tin and bake for 25 mins at 180 degree C oven.

  • Dark Pitted cherries 100g (canned) : put on low fire (including syrup) till boil. Leave it cool completely. Mix cold modified starch (8g)+ castor sugar (10g) and slowly combine with dark pitted cherry. Set aside.
  • Some dark chocolates : Use peeler to make curls. Set aside.
  • Non dairy whipping cream ~100g and dairy cream 40g. Whip them separately and mix them after whipped.


  • Slice Choco sponge into 2 layers. Brush syrup onto the 1st layer. Pipe in the prepared whip cream onto the sponge.Add in dark pitted cherries.
  • Add another layer of choco sponge and brush again with syrup.
  • Cover the whole cake with whipped cream. Decorate with cherries and chocolate curls and the cake is ready. Enjoy!!


PhotoVigor said...

I like cakes and love the way you took the photos. Thanks for sharing. :)

rose of sharon said...

It looks good, want to try some :(

rose of sharon said...

It looks good, want to try some :(