Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pineapple Upside-down Cake again.

Oh I made this again..Yup, pineapple upside down cake. I made this on last Wednesday night so that we could celebrate our boss' belated birthday on Thursday morning. I didn't know that our boss birthday was on a few days back (until one of my colleagues told me).

My colleagues wanted me to bake something simple and nice to surprise him. Thus, I've decided to bake this upside down cake with a little modification in decoration. I knew the taste was great and texture was just perfect from my 1st bake ( That's why I didnt think twice and promise my colleagues so fast that I will bake this cake :D :D ). In order to make it more presentable, I've added dark pitted cherry in the middle of pineapple. Instead of square pan, I used 8" round pan with removable bottom.

I have adjusted the baking time to 1hour and 10 mins as my round pan type is aluminum which heat absorbent is not as good as black color square pan. And brush with mirror gel after cooling down and that's done. My boss seemed very surprise to receive the cake. Everything went smoothly and the cake was well accepted by my colleagues. I am very glad that they like it.
Pls visit my previous post for detail recipe.


Bakericious said...

Evy, the cake is pretty and from look can tell is delicious

Evy said...

Thank you Jess...It was on a little sweet side.. I should have reduce the amount of sugar for caramel.

Mon Petit Avatar said...

Humm, what do I have in my fridge? I need something sweet just like this one.