Friday, March 26, 2010

Tempura Mushrooms

I’ve been busy these days and had no chance to write a post quite often as before. Last week was really tied up with the concert. No, I was not the performer, but my little sis was. Though I couldn't’t help her much, I was still busy following with her :D.( especially on Sunday, the whole day). As usual, my baking class was on Saturday, till 10pm. Thus, both of my day-off were past very fast with those 2 activities.

And here is another overdue post, Tempura mushrooms. Last 2 weeks ago, I went for a wedding lunch and this dish was served as one of the starters. The taste was quite good and I was thinking of trying it out at home. And here it is.
For my tempura mushrooms, I find it a little hard compare to the one I had in wedding lunch. It was not so crispy but just hard. I think I over added the amount of rice flour. The batter is home mix and I don’t think I am going to share the ratio as it was not so good. Next time, I shall use the ready made tempura mix. Will try to make it again soon.

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