Sunday, March 7, 2010

Emulsified Swiss Roll and Conventional Sponge Cake

Yesterday was my first day at BITC for cake principle module. I was rather excited as this is a kind of new experience for me. Unlike my Uni time, the reason why I attended this course was solely due to my passion. I really was eager to learn about the theories of each and every single ingredients. Initially, I thought only ladies have much interest in this course as I've seen most the bakers (blogger) are ladies. However, to my surprise, half of my classmates were gentlemen. And most of the students are like me, first time attending the course (with home baking experiences). The duration of the class was 4 hours and we have do hands-on for continuous 4 hours. I must say it was really fun.

There were two assignments per session. The very first one we did was emulsified swiss roll ( modern method for swiss roll). It used emulsifier and thus we do not need to beat eggs and flour separately. Just mix and beat all ingredients for about 4 mins. It was pretty easy to make and no special care was needed. Unlike my home baked swiss roll, it was so soft and really nice. I was quite happy with the out come.

Second assignment was conventional sponge cake, which did not use emulsifier and special care was required. This traditional method requires lots of practise to prefect. We had to beat the egg and sugar first (till ribbon like stage). Then flour was gently fold in (we really had to pay special attention in order not to deflate the batter). Unlike emulsified sponge cake, it has to bake immediately without any delay. This is very critical. The result was very nice for this cake as well. It is just delicious as it is without adding any topping.

Had attached some pics of my swiss roll and sponge cake for you to enjoy.

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