Saturday, March 20, 2010

Marble Cake (BITC version)

Last week was the 2nd week of training at BITC and we had to make 2 cakes, traditional pound cake and marble cake (using advance method). Pound cake means all the ingredients such as cake flour, sugar fat and eggs are having equal amount, which is 1 lb each.

However, for utility cake, the amount of eggs were reduced and it was replaced by water. Same thing for butter, it was reduced to 71% instead of 100%. For all the cake, the ratio of the cake flour is always 100% and when I say 71% for butter, it means ratio of butter to flour. Method for utility cake is very simple. Just mix well all the ingredients and that's ready to bake.
Here are the ingredients (make 4 cakes, 2000g)
  • Eggs -363g
  • Water- 195g
  • Castor Sugar- 531g
  • Butter -396g
  • Cake flour -559g (Prima brand)
  • Skim milk powder- 34g
  • Baking powder- 17g
  • salt-5g


  1. Grease 4 cake tins (4'x8') and dust with flour. Set aside.
  2. Place all the liquids into mixing bowl followed by sugar, dry ingredients and finally fat.
  3. Mix 1 min on low speed, 5 mins on medium speed (or until ribbon like stage) and 1 min on low speed (this is to stabilize the air bubble). Scrap down after every mixing.
  4. In a bowl, mix Cocoa power (36g )and oil (72g). Mix it well and combine with 1/3 of the cake batter.
  5. For marbling effect, start with white batter first followed by choco batter. Repeat the step and finally must end with white filling. ( pls fill only 2/3 of the tin)
  6. Bake in 170 preheated oven for 40 to 50 mins. Leave it cool on wire rack.

The cakes were turned out to be so nice at BITC. However ,when I tried at home, it failed for the 1st time as I reduced the oven temp to 150 degree (cos my instructor said, at home we should reduce oven temp by 20 degree). The cake was too heavy and it was underbake. Terrible! And I notice, I have some problems dealing with this superfine cake flour as well. It has been a few times that whenever I used this flour, the cake is very heavy. But this time, it was even worst with cooler oven temperature.

Then I tried one more time with higher temp ,which is 180 degree, the cake was ok. But it is still heavy and doesn't look so good as compare to the one I made in BITC. However, still acceptable. In BITC, they used really good/ professional machines which designed for mass production while mine is purely for home baking. And my oven is not so good for baking (It can be used as microwave oven as well). So, there might be a difference. I ll try one more time with all purpose flour (medium protein flour) and monitor the result. I hope it will be ok.

Here are some pics for you. If you happen to try out the recipe, pls do let me know too.


gloria said...

wow..I am looking at your marble cake slides and want to eat now. :) I usually cream butter and sugar first for pound cake.. now yours is mixing all together. I will try your method next week and see how the texture look like...Thanks for sharing experiences..

Evy said...

Yeah.. that's the traditional method (I used that method for my second cake, pound cake). I am really eager to know your result. Will check it out. Thanks for visiting.!

ThuHninSee said...

ဒီ Marble cakeေလးက စမ္းလုပ္ၾကည္႔မယ္။

Evy said...

စမ္းၾကည္႔ပါ မြန္။ ၿပီးရင္လည္း result ကိုတင္ပါဦး။

Aparna said...

Can i grab the whole cake..luks perfect

Anonymous said...

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gloria said...
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gloria said...

Evy, I tried the cake today and the texture was more on heavy side. But it was still okay. I used only half of one cake recipe and baked at 170 degree C for around 40 minutes. Probably you want to check it out the reason at next class and let us know. Thank you.

Evy said...

Hello, Ma Khin Htay, thanks for sharing. Really appreciate it. That was happen to me exactly as well. I asked the instructor and he said one thing is oven temp and another thing is the butter. It shouldnt be too soft and the ideal temp for butter should be around 22 degree C. My butter was too soft for the first time. And he said, we can try mixing two types of flour, all purpose flour and cake flour ( but not honkong flour, it cant be mixed) for lighter texture. Pls share in your blog as well. I want to see it. And thanks again.

gloria said...

my husband usually brings camera to his work so I can only take photo when he is at home.When I met my sis-in-law this afternoon, I gave it to her some so I don't have it now as only baked half recipe. I will take the photo next time when try with all purpose flour.

Anonymous said...

Hi ,
Me also try at home. But just like you , under baked. I try according to recipe , temp 175 C , 45 min . It seems bakes well . but too hard to eat .
Pls advise me .

Evy said...

Hi Honey,

Thanks for dropping by.
I finally managed to get the correct texture.
Pls visiit the above link.
For the very hard texture,here are the things that I observed.
1) Butter is too cold. Try to cut it into small pieces and bring it to room temperature before mixing. How to test the correct temperature for butter? Just press the butter gently. It should be just soft (but not too soft like the finger can go inside)

2) If you are having the small mixer (not really a professional one) like mine, do not use all-in method. Just use sugar butter creaming method and finally gently fold in flour.

I think these method should help. Pls let me know after you try out.

MK said...

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